How Long Does It Take to Install An Electric Car Charging Station?

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There are just so many problems with charging an electric car. So, you might have plans in your mind to install your own charging station. Well, that’s a big leap, but it should be worth it. 

An EV charger installation service should not take that long. However, this would be dependent on several factors. The most important thing is that you are on your way to having an easily accessible charging station that will totally avoid EV charging problems. 

Experts from Eagle Rock Residential Electricians suggest that EV owners consider affordable home charging stations. It should bring numerous benefits and save you a lot more money from finding charging spots and paying excess charges. 

This article will teach you the five biggest problems EV owners face when charging their vehicles. You will know the benefits of installing a charging station of your own, as well as the time frame of installation services. 

4 Reasons to Install A Home EV Charging Station 

There are so many reasons why you should install a home EV charging station. We have encapsulated them into four, which should be enough to help convince you. 

  • It’s safe. If you have your own EV charging spot at home, you won’t have to travel far and beat your map to find an accessible charging station. You can ensure your safety, as well as your vehicle’s. 

In charging stations, you will have to wait your turn in case there are not enough chargers to accommodate customers. Thus, you sometimes decide to leave it in the care of the charging assistants. You risk your car from theft, compromising its safety. 

  • It’s convenient. What’s more convenient than having your own EV charger at home? After a long day of work, when your EV is as drained as you are, you can easily plug it into your home charger while you rest and wait for it to power up. 

You won’t have to stress yourself about finding a charging station and traveling far away. With a charging station in the convenience of your home, you can accomplish more things whilst waiting for your car to charge. 

  • It saves money and lets you earn. Imagine the money you will save if you have an at-home charging station! You are well aware of the charging costs in stations outside. So, having your own station will save you a lot. 

What’s more, you can let neighbors charge their EV cars. You can charge them a reasonable price to help you maintain your EV charger. 

  • It helps the environment. You must be aware of how outside charging stations contribute to the deterioration of our environment. They use too much electricity and energy, and are not friendly to the environment. 

If you decide to have a charging station at home, you can run it using solar power. Not only will you save money from charging outside, but you will also save up on electricity bills. 

How Long Does It Take to Install an EV Charger? 

Installing an electric car charging station doesn’t take as long as you might think. The average installation time is between three and six hours, depending on the size of your home and how many outlets you want to use.

If you have many cars in your household, or if the area you’re installing is large enough to accommodate more than one outlet, it’s a good idea to install more than one. It will allow more people to charge their cars at once, making things much easier for everyone involved.

The steps in installing a home EV charging station include the following: 

The first step is to survey your parking lot to determine where best to place the charging stations. The most important thing is to ensure each charging station is near an electrical outlet, so you don’t have to run too many wires through your parking lot.

Next, remove any old wiring or equipment from where you want to install the new charging station. Then lay out all your equipment (including transformers) and ensure that everything fits together properly before proceeding with the final installation.

After that, install the baseplate and conduit, connect all cables, attach conduit splices and junction boxes as needed, and test everything before proceeding with final inspection by a certified electrician.

5 Major Problems You Can Encounter With EV Charging and How To Avoid Them

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If you own an electric vehicle, you know the problems with charging it. Here are five major EV charging problems and the one ley solution to all of them: 

  • Availability. First and foremost, there’s an obvious lack of charging stations across the country. Even with the rise of electric cars, there are still not enough charging stations to accommodate the number. 

It is one major problem you can encounter if you own an electric vehicle. You will have to beat yourself to find available charging stations in your place. If you live near one, then good for you! Most EV owners will have to scour the map for an available spot. 

  • Accessibility. You’d be lucky to find a charging station near you that’s available and functional. However, many who own electric cars have been unfortunate. If you’re one of them, you must have finally found a charging spot, only to know the chargers are out of order. 

Among all other problems, this should be the most frustrating one. You have traveled far only to get nothing good for your vehicle. 

  • Maintenance. Some fortunate EV owners can easily find charging stations to power their cars. However, it’s also been a big problem how poorly maintained charging stations are. Sure, you can charge your vehicle, but for how long? If some charging stations don’t have the most basic chargers, they will have defective ones. 

However, there are a few charging stations that keep regular maintenance. These stations also use L3 chargers, which offer higher power charging. 

  • Charging speed. Not that EV owners have been complaining a lot, but charging speed in some stations is also a problem. Due to a lack of maintenance, chargers in charging spots may not be the best if you wish to charge your vehicle fast. 

Sometimes there would not be enough chargers in a station, so you would have to wait for your turn. If you’re very patient, then you won’t have this as a problem. 

  • Cost. Above anything else, charging your electric car will add to your expenses–especially since charging costs are higher than ever. Perhaps because of the increasing popularity of Tesla, some companies have considered electric cars a luxury. Thus, charging high for their EV charging stations. 

How to avoid these problems? 

To be straightforward, there’s one key solution to these problems. If you’ve heard of a home EV charging station, then that’s exactly what we are talking about. 

It might sound too exclusive and expensive, but EV owners have turned their backs on charging their vehicles outside because of this. They have installed home charging stations for their safety and convenience. 

Apart from these two, there are more benefits to installing an at-home EV charger. You should ponder over these reasons and consider your own charging station at home. 

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