What Problems Come With Aging Outlets?

Electrical Outlet Installation Maintenance Job | Eagle Rock Residential Electricians

As newer appliances are introduced to the market, you may also need to update the electrical system that allows these appliances to work. Don’t settle for inefficient or unsafe electrical wiring; update your aging electrical system instead. You may need professional electricians from Eagle Rock Residential Electricians who can do various electrical repair and outlet installation services for these aging outlets. Here are certain problems you may notice with your electrical system at home because of an outdated outlet:

  • Loose Wiring – Although weathering of certain electrical wiring is unavoidable, consistent expansion and contraction of the materials can become a safety hazard in the home. There may also be the need to check if your wiring is made of aluminum because this material is susceptible to excessive expansion and contraction, which can easily cause damage. 
  • Overloaded Electrical Circuit – An electrical overload is common in houses that have been around for decades. Because more modern technology that we use at home may increase our electrical demand in our homes, which makes the household reliant on extension cords that have additional plugs for all the appliances we want to use all at once. Unfortunately, this can easily overload the electrical system because the system is not designed to withstand the high electrical demand. This issue can also cause frequent breaker trips and dimming lights in your home, which may be uncomfortable for the building occupants.
  • Naked Wiring – Electrical wiring insulation is essential to protect the main wiring from temperature fluctuations. However, weathering of these electrical wiring is unavoidable. In other cases, vermin can also chew on the insulation of your electrical wires. Naked wiring can cause short circuits and may unintentionally damage plugged-in electrical appliances. Electrical fires may also be caused by naked wiring. Hiring professional electricians is better to resolve this problem quickly.
  • Electrical System Is Not Up To Code – National electrical codes have changed throughout the years. With the consistent updates of new household appliances, it is only fair for the electrical code to also update for modern households to cater to these newer units. A code-compliant house ensures you’re not overloading your outlets with appliances with higher energy consumption than usual. Electrical shocks may often occur in your home. Or bathroom electrical outlets not for moist environments may become a safety hazard in your home. Consult our licensed electricians, so you can be sure that your installed electrical outlets are situated properly.
  • Outdated Electrical Fixtures – Your electrical fixtures consist of your entire electrical systems, such as fuses, circuit breakers, wiring, insulation, and junction boxes. However, if these electrical installations are outdated, you may need to replace them with newer models up to the electrical code. Wiring replacement is an important step to ensure your electrical safety at home, especially because households are very reliant on electricity nowadays. Do not strain your electrical system, nor should you risk your plugged-in appliances being damaged.

What to Do About Aging Outlets?

Electrical Outlet Installation Maintenance Job | Eagle Rock Residential Electricians

A well-maintained electrical system is essential for most modern households because many appliances homeowners use for their daily tasks at home require electricity. Because of consistent usage of the electrical system, one may not notice potential issues that can cause safety concerns in the home. Minor damages such as flawed outlets and defective wiring can all become a safety issue if left unattended long enough.

This article section discusses how to find aging wiring and outlets in your home and what to do about them. Although it is generally frowned upon to attempt to do your own electrical repairs, there are temporary solutions you can do before your hired electrician arrives.

  1. Signs of Staining, Smoke, and Scorch Marks – Unfortunately, scorch marks or smoking in any part of your electrical system can be an obvious sign of electrical issues. These signs should not be neglected, especially because they are usually found near defective outlets. Avoid using electrical outlets that have signs of staining and immediately have them replaced. You may try cleaning the outlet if the discoloration fades, but if that doesn’t fix the discolored spot, you may need it to be replaced, both the outlet and the wiring.
  2. Feel Your House Walls For Warm Spots – Feel for warm spots within your walls, especially around outlets, switches, and other electrical fixtures. This concern can also go hand-in-hand with the above outlet issue where discoloration occurs in your outlet. A discolored outlet with a warm spot may indicate defective wiring within your household’s walls. If you notice warmth within your walls, we recommend hiring a professional electrician to handle this issue.
  3. Inspect For Chewed or Visibly Worn Wiring – Especially in attics or basements where there’s visible wiring, they can be accessible to pests and vermin that can damage wiring. Occasionally scan these least visited areas in your home and inspect if any of the wirings are damaged. If pests are a major problem in your home, you may want to call the assistance of a pest control center. Other times, the cause of chewed-in wiring is our house pets. Train your house pets to behave to avoid electrical hazards in your home and to avoid injury for your own house pets.
  4. Frequent Breaker Trips – Whenever there’s an electrical surge in your home, your circuit breaker automatically shuts off the power to avoid an electrical fire. One or two trips are normal since you can just reset the breaker afterward. However, if circuit breakers are frequently tripping, your home may have electrical wiring issues. Have your current electrical system evaluated by a professional electrician to ensure the right solution for this issue.
  5. Investigate Odd or Burning Smells – Any bad smell around your electrical outlets or fixtures needs to be immediately investigated or directly reported to your local service electrician. This smell may be caused by melted insulation on your wiring. The best way to resolve this problem is to ask for electrical assistance.
  6. Encounter Lights Buzzing or Flickering – This can be normal if you turn on an appliance that requires high energy consumption during its start-up. However, if your lights continue to flicker or dim, there may be an underlying problem that you are encountering with your electrical system. It could be that your electrical system needs an upgrade since it can’t cater to heavy appliances. Contact your electrician for consultation on an electrical upgrade for your home.

Are you still unsure what to do about your outdated or damaged electrical outlets? Consult our licensed electricians today regarding swift fixes for your electrical concerns.